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As a forensic and investigative CPA firm, our team at The Kaseno CPA Firm focuses on investigative accounting, litigation consultation, and business valuation involving civil and family law matters. Our skilled San Diego forensic accountants are backed by over two decades of experience. We pride ourselves on handling complex financial issues in all settings including mediation, trial, collaborative and arbitration. Because of our years of experience we can handle forensic accounting cases from beginning to end. We can evaluate the issues, provide the analysis and work with you to come up with a solution whether it be in a litigated setting or an informal setting.

Our professional team contributes insights and clarity to legal counsel regarding financial issues that may be unclear. We assist in theory development, damages exposure, and discovery assessments of risk. Our staff analyze complex financial and accounting issues and deliver results in a clear manner that can be easily understood by the courts, judiciary and the parties. Our analyses also help assess the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing party’s positions.

Our team understands that we must devote our time and energy into all legal aspects of the cases we handle. Because of that, we work diligently to have our clients' legal matters handled in a timely manner. No matter how big or small your case might be, we are committed to remaining responsive the entire way through.

If you need an experienced and reliable forensic accounting team, call The Kaseno CPA Firm today at (760) 364-9016.

Accreditations & Certifications

Industries We Serve

Kaseno CPA Firm provides a broad range of forensic accounting services for professionals throughout California as Neutral Financial experts, Court Appointed Experts, a designated CPA expert witness and as a consultant on different types of mediation, arbitration and litigation cases. THIS includes services in the following areas:

Family Law

Analysis of income available for support, business valuations, characterization and apportionment of assets between separate and community property, analysis of marital standard of living, tracing of financial transactions and separate property, analysis of reimbursements and other financial matters.

Business Valuations

Valuation of businesses in a variety of industries in litigated and non-litigation settings.

Economic Damages/Lost Profits Claims

Including shareholder disputer, breach of contract, partnership disputes, business interruption, personal injury, wrongful death, fraud and other lost profit calculations.

Forensic Accounting

Including employee theft, embezzlement, family law matters, falsification of financial records, bankruptcy and receiver cases, investment schemes, misappropriation of funds and other cases.

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